• Seth Dyer

5 Steps To Help you Build an Efficient Team

I ran a poll on my Instagram asking if you would rather me do my next Into The Industry episode on Self-Reliance or Team Building and you guys chose Team Building so here's a video about that.

Over the years I've managed to build a small but efficient team, I can't take all of the credit though my Creative Director, Charly is great at networking. There have been a lot of lessons I've learned in trying to create a team and now that I have a solid foundation of people around me I can share these 5 steps to help you get others involved in your vision!

I am a super self-sufficient individual but it's not realistic or the most effective practice to try and do everything yourself all of the time. A team is essential for any successful scale-able business, if you want to bring your business to a high level you will eventually have to involve other people. This video will help you to find those people, quickly evaluate them and continue to build for yourself and them.

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