• Seth Dyer

How I Got Over 1 MILLION Streams on Spotify - 10 Steps To Help You Get More Streams.


I decided to start a weekly series called "Into The Industry" where I share some of my experiences in the music business in the hopes of helping other creatives. Even if you're not a creative person and are into other business or pursuits this series should be able to help you as I'll be covering some life lessons and productive mindsets as well. I want to bring you along the journey as I move further along in my music career.

My team and I are on a roll with making new content and this series will be occurring weekly. I'll have a bi-weekly Pull Over Music Video Series and a monthly Vlog called Dyer-Es. I hope to keep you entertained and informed during and after this time in quarantine. Hit me up on Instagram if there's anything specific you'd like to know about or any video ideas you'd like me to do.


Seth Dyer.

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