• Seth Dyer

My New Quarantine Music Series - PULL OVER

Updated: May 23

So now that we're all quarantined up because of Covid-19 I had to find a safe and practical way to still put out video content, the show must go on!

I've put out a couple songs and music videos since the end of 2019 until now and I saw the one that performed the best was my cover of Killy's "Anti Everybody." There was a couple things going for that song:

1. It was a cover so Killy fans could gravitate to it

2. It was the beginning of the new year everyone was looking for something new

3. The style of the video was engaging.

I noticed that the videos I put out after that video although they were artsy and visually appealing and helped us tell cool visual stories to fit my music, they were too "polished." Now why would having an overly polished music video be a problem? Well because most of what goes viral on the internet is far from polished, it's people singing things to their phones, it's people doing extraordinary things in the moment. The Anti Everybody video had these elements. It was one shot, nothing broke up the action, it was a little more relatable (I'm just walking out of a Mazda 3 car and rapping) and we added an engaging element through the text popping up on the screen. It was easier for that video to feel REAL.

That experience leads me here, I decided to create a whole series of videos that follow that style and I'll see how people like it. The series is going to be called PULL OVER and it will be a bi-weekly video series where I just perform songs out of my car (well it's really my Dad's car but he's not driving too much now so...yeah there's that) all in one shot add some cool effect stuff and call it a day.

I decided to use HELP ME as the first video for this even though we already put the official music video out, I didn't want to scramble to find a song I wanted to perform and I'm still promoting Help Me so I figured it made sense. Anyways the first episode of PULL OVER is on my YouTube channel and you can listen to Help Me on Spotify and all streaming platforms.

Stay safe,

Seth Dyer.

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