• Seth Dyer

My New Vlog Series! Welcome To The "Dyer-Es."

Welcome to the first episode of the "Dyer-Es!" This is going to be a monthly Vlog series where I showcase the process of creating a new project and give a glimpse into my personal life. The record is going to have much more of an R&B sound and I want to bring you along for the process of it.

This series is very much a journey into my career and personal life, you'll be in the studio with me producing, recording, mixing, mastering, shooting videos, marketing the project and more. I'm also using this project as an opportunity to learn about and better my singing voice so you'll even get to be at vocal lessons with me where I get to embarass myself lol. This series is going to provide a look not only into the creative aspect of my life but also my personal life through all the ups and downs.

I'm going to take your feedback in the creation of some records and we're going to make and market this album together. This is a super vulnerable undertaking for me and hopefully I can inspire some people to break out of their comfort zone. We'll learn together, we'll grow together and we'll make something amazing. Welcome to the DYER-Es!

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