• Seth Dyer


Updated: May 23

It's the end of April and it's still cold here in Toronto. Perfectly fitting for this new episode of The Pull Over. My new record "Sometimes" is about a time in my life when I was struck with a lot of difficulties all at the same time. I had to relocate where I was living and move far out of the city, someone I was conducting business with was robbing me and there were a couple individuals who were literally ignoring me when I reached out to them for mutually beneficial things, when I would see them they would act like nothing happened.

I try to not complain about things that happen to me in life, I believe that we are all responsible for our own destiny and our own happiness, so when misfortune strikes I try to find the lesson in it all. I know the path I am on and I know that everything that happens is just preparing me for the next step of the journey. My experiences while writing this song taught me a lot, they taught me how to be even more self reliant, keep everything in house and when people tell you "no" just take it as a sign that you need to better yourself and your leverage so that you don't have to ask for the same thing again.

I hope that you're successful in whatever endeavors you're on and don't let the minor road blocks halt your progress just find a way over, around or through them. Life throws crazy things at us but that's just how it goes "Sometimes."

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